Homage / Collage
Projection Mapping Jakobsbplan, Weimar

Winning submission for
Genius Loci Facade Projection Festival,Weimar
taking place from 7th till 9th of August 2015.

Thanks to everyone, who supported me!

© 2015


Genius Loci award page

Projection Mapping
for re:publica 2015

produced in
HD / 60fps

© 2015


Track: Triosk & Jan Jelinek - Distant Shore
Client, Setup & Mapping: MX Wendler

Live-Video-Production for Moderat

in collaboration with Pfadfinderei

© 2013


Stage & concept: Pfadfinderei
Label: Monkeytown Records
Moderat: Moderat Website

Moderat-Versions-Live @ Melt-Festival
Video by Arte

Projection Mapping
at Ettersburg Castle, Weimar

produced for
Deutsche Kindermedienstiftung
"Goldener Spatz", Erfurt

© 2014


Concept & Production:
Phil Max Schöll & Marcel Weber
Soundproduction: Roly Porter
Setup & Mapping: MX Wendler
Projection: Lotus Lumina

Paul Kalkbrenner Live-Video-Production

“Guten Tag”-Tour 2013

© 2013
Visual-Production for
Paul Kalkbrenner's "Guten Tag"-Tour.


Concept: Pfadfinderei

Ellen Allien - Lism

Official Music Video

© 2013
Fragments of Ellen Allien's album "Lism",
a travel through a dreamer's troubled mind.


In Collaboration
with Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control

Thanks to: Dom, Caro & Julia

Ellen Allien - Need

Official Music Video

© 2012
Concept, Art Direction and Motion Design


Pictures: Michael Mann
Clients: Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control


Experimental Macro Stop Video

© 2011
Macro Stop Trick Animation visualizing small and slow processes that usually can't be seen by the eye itself, using the methods of retro-photography.

Filmtitles 2013-2015

Short compilation of titledesign-projects,
created in the last two years:

So schön wie du
© 2014 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / rbb / hff-potsdam
*Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2014, Bester Film

© 2015 / Director: Sina Ataeian Dena

At home / Sto Spiti
© 2014 / Director: Athanasios Karanikolas / SHPN3 / Oxymoron / ZDF - Das Kleines Fernsehspiel
*Berlinale 2014

Draussen der Wald
© 2013 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / HFF Potsdam

Virgil & Evan
© 2013 / Director: Franziska Pflaum / HFF Potsdam
*Diagonale Graz, 2014

© 2013 / Director: Phil Max Schöll / weltraumgrafik / pfadfinderei

Ellen Allien - Sun the Rain

Official Music Video
Taken from the Album "Dust"

Released on Bpitch Control © 2010

Concept, Direction,
Montage & Post-Production


In Collaboration
with Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control

Many Thanks to: Jeans, Morgan Belenguer, Chris, Fab, Jen, Suzanne & Laura

Sabienzia - IDP

Explanatory Film

© 2011
Concept, Direction & Animation
for Sabienzia Technologies.

The film illustrates the key features of Sabienzia's Interactive Dialogue Platform.
A cloud-computing solution to antiquate the waiting loop in the branch of callcenters.


Client: Sabienzia Technologies
Illustrations: Pfadfinderei
Sounddesign: ShakeUp Music

Time Warp Lineup


for Time Warp Festival, Netherlands

© 2011

MINI 360° Projection

Shown at IAA, Frankfurt, 2011
© 2011 / Client: Pfadfinderei

Ellen Allien - Dust


© 2010
Video-Production for Ellen Allien's "Dust"-Tour


Client: Pfadfinderei
Label: Bpitch Control


Fashion Teaser

© 2009
Teaser showcasing the 09/10 collection of the fashion label Seelenkleid


Client: Seelenkleid
Photos: Tarek Musleh

Manolo, 2010


© 2009
Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2010, Gold


Von der James-Bond-Hommage im Vorspann bis zum Showdown mit dramatischen Kranfahrten begeisterte die Jury vor allem die "schiere Lust am Filmemachen"
Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis

Electronic Beats


© 2011
Concept and Motion Design for Electronic Beats


Clients: Pfadfinderei & Electronic Beats/Telekom
Sound: Streamer - Start Button

Showreel '08

© 2008
Works for Pfadfinderei, Sony Ericsson Mobile Sessions, Bitsontheblade,KN and mainly free projects.


My name is Phil Max Schöll and I'm a Berlin-based freelance motion designer and video artist.

I was born in Munich in '82 and studied design in Konstanz and Potsdam. After moving to Berlin and studying motion design, I joined the Pfadfinderei VJ-collective where I was working on live visuals and event conceptions.

After that, in 2008, I founded weltraumgrafik (which roughly translates as 'world/space/graphics').

I direct videos and I create motion graphics — sometimes big, sometimes very simple. Whatever I do, I want it to be either unique, beautiful or at least very appropriate.

My video productions have spanned almost all special formats, including 4k-cinema productions, high-pitch-pixel-LEDs, multi HD-projections, immersive 360°installations, mapping and architectural projections.


I am part of a collective office network in Berlin-Kreuzberg that is peopled by first-rate creative colleagues and enables me to take on advanced projects from concept to final production encompassing all aspects of graphic-, video- & sound- production.

Much of my work has met with acclaim and won prizes including several pieces that developed from long-term collaborations with various Berlin-based film directors or the Pfadfinderei collective.


Phil Max Schöll
Reichenbergerstrasse 125 / 10999 Berlin